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Mission & Philosophy Statements


The mission of St. Anne Catholic School is to teach and form our students in the Roman Catholic faith while preparing each of them for their next level of formal academic learning. Families who join us commit to our mission, philosophy, and vision, and students who complete their education and faith formation at St. Anne Catholic School are: 

    •   grounded in their Catholic faith and values;
    •   prepared for their next level of formal education;
    •   exposed to opportunities for service to others that should instill in them a sense of responsibility--if not a desire--to want to do more for others utilizing the education and the gifts God has given each of them and we as a parish school community have helped develop.


...Grounded in Catholic faith and values;

...Well prepared academically;

...Ready to further serve and lead. 


A Roman Catholic Grade School teaching the faith and serving students in the Somerset, Wisconsin and surrounding area since 1890.


St. Anne Catholic School serves students from PreK through eighth grade and integrates the Catholic faith and beliefs with the traditional academic curriculum. In the context of a small Catholic community, we form our students in Gospel values, provide opportunities for worship and participation in Sacraments, and incorporate activities to practice living out our faith in service to others. All faiths are welcome; all teachers, staff, parents, and legal guardians must understand that Catholic Doctrine will be taught. The passing on of our Catholic faith is one of the top priorities. 
We are also charged with preparing our students for their next level of formal education. We are committed to maintaining an educational environment in which students can learn and develop the gifts God has given each of them in terms of skills, abilities, and special talents.


We believe it is therefore imperative to: 

1) establish a Catholic school environment that is structured, disciplined, and conducive to teaching and learning; 

2) recruit, secure, and retain highly qualified and Catholic teachers who genuinely care about our students and are dedicated to our mission and philosophy; 

3) maintain optimal teacher/student ratios to establish small class sizes in order to meet students’ academic needs and maximize the results; 

4) communicate frequently with and enlist the support of parents and guardians;

5) emphasize a strong foundation in the core subjects of religion, reading, math, oral/written expression, science, social studies, and word processing, while also providing IT resources and instruction, physical/health education, music education, and art instruction, as well as exposure to other languages and cultures.



To further enhance the growth and development of our students, we also believe in offering a variety of co-curricular opportunities such as an optional on-site band program, student council, “spirit” and “prayer partners,” an onsite and current library, “Kids for Kindness” activities and events, as well as extra-curricular school athletic/sports programs (e.g. cross-country, soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball and softball).